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Now is the Time to Cool Off
with Our Special Rates!

Class "A" license under
$550.00 per year.

Class "B" license under
$450.00 per year.

Your General Liability is coming up for renewal real soon. We would love to have the opportunity to quote your insurance. We specialize in HVAC Contractors, and have excellent rates designed to fit your needs. Whether you're starting or have a large business, we can handle it.

Being in the insurance business for over 20 years, and specializing in the HVAC business, we know that we can provide you with excellent rates and the best service around. We will file your certificate with the state, using their required forms. We will also process your certificates to all required locations within the hour. QUICK!!! You bet.

We find that most HVAC contractors are paying too much for Commercial Auto Insurance. Saving money and having excellent coverage is right around the corner, since your insurance renews shortly. DON'T DELAY, CALL TODAY!

Norman Hines C.I.C., LRM
Norman Hines C.I.C., LRM

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